Saturday, March 18, 2006

Well, You Asked...

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Well, you asked.
The picture is of the late Edgar Warner, also, mostly called Karmu. He died in '89.
He was a witch doctor,healer, teacher, and the guy who finished the job of raising me.
I was drugging, stealing,heading for bigger crime and less and less I.Q. when I ran into him in '69.
He immediately "adopted me" and healed me mentally and physically in about 4 seconds flat.
He was the real thing; an African-American shaman, garage mechanic, who ministered to everyone he came across.
Used to have this funky apartment in Cambridge, Mass, and everyone was welcome. The first time I met him, it was because I was reading this book called "Voodoo in New Orleans." It was an anthropology text by Robert S. Tallant about the practice of "vodun" in this country in the 18th and 19th centuries.
I told a friend about it, and she said she knew of just such a guy. I begged to meet him, and he and I immediately claimed each other as family.
My daughter Jennie is named after him: Her name on her birth certificate is Jennifer Christin Karmu.
When I was in his presence, I always felt 100%+ anxiety,no problems, totally safe, totally happy.
He was a real rascal, too, former gun-for-hire, former bad cat, turned Holy Man & do-gooder. Taught me BS, TS and OS. [bullshit, tough shit and OTHER shit!]
The first day we met I took him aside and asked him, "Teach me your magic, ok?" He said, "Sure. Here it is: You just pervade the unconscious with a positive element. If you stay mentally, physically and spiritually above reproach, you can walk through shit and not get your feet dirty.
And above all, MAKE 'EM LAUGH."
That's the whole thing, cat. Do this and you'll be as pretty as 18 movie stars!
You'll have zook and wook, you'll be high flung and high sprung, you'll be an HCC, a High Class Citizen.
" I said, "That's it?" He said, "Yeah, that's it."


JEFFY said...

Dear Karmu, Bg is channeling you to me. I gots problems both physical and mental. Show me my guts and courage. King

Anonymous said...

Says the Holy One: "Tell King he's royalty. He should take sulphur, salt and alcohol and burn it in a little dish - be careful, don't start a fire, and burn it in a little dish in the center of his house, to purify the place. Then take and sprinkle a little salt into each corner of the house, and up and down the street. Then put a clove of garlic above each window and door in the house. Look at them in a week. The ones that rotted, replace them. Some won;t ever spoli, they'll be fresh for a year."

JEFFY said...

I'm gonna sho do it. I can get Hans to get me some sulfa. Thank you Holy One.

JEFFY said...

Bobby, Bobby where you at?

JEFFY said...


JEFFY said...

Thank you Karmu!!!

Anonymous said...

You can get the Book of Karmu here

carolinemerald said...

Judge sez "You can do what you wanna but - be discreet
and when you're done remember
Where and when we're gonna meet: Cambridge - Karmu's kitchen, Second floor - 526 Green Street.

He just smiled and motioned to our feet
To move and groove magnetic within that fine African beat
From North and South and East and West
come rhythms that we love the best
Throw pain and sorrow out the door
and dance across the kitchen floor
look out for Cousin/Sister/Brother
Remember how to love one another
and should we ever fall from grace
get up - dust off - and take our place
no matter if it's high or low
too swift, too rich or far too slow

this is the day the Lord has made
we will rejoice and be glad in it
this is the day the Lord has made
we will rejoice and be glad

this is the way my heart may play
for all the love that will pass thru it
this is the way my heart may play
for all the love that will pass thru it

We danced our finest houlihan
as dreams emerged and time began - where fragrance turns from sad to sweet
no single soul is incomplete .....

In order to contract a thing, one should surely expand it first
In order to weaken, one will sturely strengthen first.
In order to overthrow, one will surely exalt first.
In order to take, one will surely give first.” Lao Tzu

This is called subtle wisdom.

Non-action deos not mean doing nothing and keeping silent.
Let everything be allowed to do what it naturally does, so that
Its nature will be satisfied Chuang-tzu.

The men of old, while the chaotic condition was yet undeveloped,
shared the placid tranquility which belonged to the whole world.
At that time the yin and yang were harmonious and still; their
resting and movement proceeded without any disturbance; the
four seasons had their definite times; not a single thing received
any injury, and no living being came to a premature end. Men
might be possessed of the faculty of knowledge, but they had
no occasion for its use. This was what is called the state of
perfect unity. At this time, there was no action on the part of
anyone – but a constant manifestation of spontaneity. Chuang-Tzu

Thats all. Caroline

Ray eye said...

Karmu the Healer speaks about the ‘Truth’

Once the ‘Chief’ as I used to address him
was smiling @ me as I entered his bedroom office.
The cold afternoon light was flooding the room
and the medicinal smell of menthol and camphor permeated the air
I was experiencing some flap about having slept with
the young beautiful French woman from Montreal , Susan ‘Saint Claire’
( or was it ‘Sinclair’ ) while my lady friend was out of town.
Whatever, it was pretty sweet and we had no regrets.
My lady friend and I had been negotiating a separation and a ‘progressive break up’ anyway.
But nonetheless her response was to raise some hell with me.

For some reason the Chief decided to dispense some of his worldly wisdom on me.
He said, holding his glass of port sherry up to catch a sunbeam;
“ Remember lad, in any situation there is your side of the story, my side of the story and sometimes the Truth is neither.
It can be all together different from each person’s point of view.”

I immediately was reminded of the Japanese film, ‘Rashomon’ by the master director ‘Kurosawa’
The story depicts a murder that takes place on a remote mountainside.
During the investigation 7 persons who supposedly witnessed the act give 7 entirely different points of view ( ! )

Please take a look @ the Swami’s website sometime ~ he was, ‘for real’.

Ray Iasiello
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher
Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner

Anonymous said...

In '70, I startered learn my mechanics trade at Karmu's shop in Alston. I hung around with Big John Ingles, but Crazy Al was my wrench advisor there. 70-71, til I lit out for Varmint, I learned at Karmus shop and his kitchen table. Felicitations, a bow, a offering of spirit across all these years and miles. I can say that I am who I am today is marked by my passing thru Karmu's influence.
I was one of his gearhead deciples.....

Bob G. said...

Dear Anonymous, May you be high flung, high sprung, look like 18 movie stars. You're a remarkable young man, a creator of new lifestyles, an HCC (high class citizen). You're so pretty, I'm ashamed to be in your presence, you grace the house of Karmu. Go in peace, and sin no more, well, maybe just a little.

Anonymous said...

Just passed by 526 Green St I barely recognized it. It,s a condo. Had to happen I guess.

Anonymous said...

I frequented Karmu's kitchen around 1973-4 after falling in with the Sufi dancers who practiced in the yard of the theological seminary in Cambridge. A lingering question I never asked Karmu was: What did "E E" mean? AFAIK, he only said it to me, as a kind of jocular punctuation at the end of a statement. Any idea what that could have meant?